All you have to do is drive.

You can rent a car and be running your rideshare business, today! Now, with Rentd, it is easier than ever to get started running your own business on your own terms. Our clean, comfortable cars are ideal for anyone getting started for someone who wants to stop putting wear-and-tear on their main car. With Rentd, all your insurance and maintenance is included, allowing you to focus just on driving and making money.

It’s EASY to rent with Rentd

We’ve taken the hassle and expense of car ownership out of the rideshare business. You don’t have to worry about your personal car breaking down or getting damaged and putting you out of business. Our weekly contracts let you plan and predict exactly how much money you can make and how much you need to drive. Plus, with a Rentd car, you don’t have to worry about putting miles on your own car, which may be your biggest investment.

Whether you need a new car or another car, Rentd makes perfect sense. Lower costs, lower hassle, and no money down. You can be driving the same day!

Need a car to earn?

We can start you driving today, regardless of your credit history. Now, you have options. Whether you’re new to rideshare or an experienced driver, you will find Rentd to be less expensive and risky than it would be to buy and maintain your own car.

For anyone who has wanted to run a rideshare business but has felt left out, Rentd has a solution. With no money down, you can be driving a clean, comfortable car, today. We take care of all the paperwork and maintenance, letting you use a car or van when you need it. And, because our contracts are week-to-week, you don’t need to pay for a car when you’re not using it.

Your business. Your terms.


Our easy-to-understand contract lets you see exactly how much you need to earn to make a profit. Plus, because we manage all the maintenance, there are no big surprises when something goes wrong. You aren’t left covering an expense you didn’t plan for. If something with our car or van breaks, we’ll get you into a new car and up and running the same day. There is no other solution that can offer you as much consistency and confidence as Rentd.

No Commitment

Ownership means hassle, responsibility and tied up equity. When you buy your own car, you put down large sums of money only to find maintenance costs and insurance keep adding up. It no longer makes sense to own a car to run a rideshare business.


Pay when you use it, don’t pay when you don’t. Because our contracts are so flexible, you can dramatically reduce your cost and only pay for the vehicle when it’s working for you!

Hit the Road

Sign up online and drive the same day. It’s that easy. We’ll get you into a working car and help you start earning, right away.

Start driving and earning


With a Rentd car, you never again have to worry about surprises about your vehicle. Our renters have learned that they can sleep at night knowing they haven’t taken on a big liability that may come back to haunt them. The car works for you, not the other way around.

No maintenance

All the maintenance is included in the contract. Tires, oil change, brakes… everything. You will never again have to deal with a surprise cost. All you need to do is fill up the tank and start driving.

No wear and tear on your own car

It doesn’t make sense to use your own car for rideshare. Besides the cost, you are putting unnecessary wear-and-tear on your most important property. Something you rely on for everyday living.

Referral program

We offer opportunities to drive for free. To become a partner all you have to do is start driving, rent here, earn here starting now!

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