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Rentd was created for the gig worker. We take care of the car, saving you all the expenses, and letting you focus on driving as your own boss.


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Minimum Requirements

driver’s license


driver id

How it Works

We rent cars and vans on a weekly basis to gig workers looking to begin or improve their rideshare business. We make it super simple by removing all the barriers that have kept some people from getting started such as down payments, insurance, and maintenance. You pay a flat fee for the rental, and that’s it. No surprises or hidden fees.


Download the app or apply online to get started. You will need a valid driver’s license and credit card. If you have been referred by a friend, remember to include it to show your thanks to them!


Choose your vehicle type, contract plan, and start date. If qualified, you can start as soon as today!


Once you are approved, use your driver ID number to reserve your vehicle and arrange for pickup. We’ll have it clean, fueled, and ready for you!


You’re ready to get started. You can drive off the lot straight to your first pickup. Start making money immediately!



We are trying to keep our prices down and your opportunities to make money up!


Become a driver, then become a partner earning money while you do what you do!