You deserve a better solution

While the gig economy and the rideshare business has grown, there are so many people that have been left out because they can’t own a car or they cannot afford risking their main method of transportation. We at Rentd have seen this issue and have prepared a solution that works with every day people trying to build and run their own business on their own hours.

We have an easier way.

We have stepped in to close the gap and make it possible for everyone to take advantage of the freedom and opportunity that the gig economy can bring. Our model takes away the risk and the surprises that can make running your own business, as a gig driver, a challenge or even an expense. With our model, our drivers have predictable costs that they can plan for and avoid all risks that car ownership brings.

This is why Rentd is the right fit for every rideshare driver. Pay for what you use and don’t pay for what you don’t use. It makes sense and it makes you profitable!

It’s better to rent from Rentd

Rentd has found the best solution for gig drivers and has proven that it is more efficient and less expensive to rent a vehicle than it is to own one. With no hidden costs or surprise expenses, costs are completely predictable, letting the driver plan their business confidently. And with a Rentd vehicle, our drivers only pay for what they use avoiding the costs of an idle car.

No Down Payment

For many, the initial down payment of a car is a substantial cost, tying up your finances and putting the new owner at risk. With Rentd, there is no big lump cost to start.

No Credit Check

Pay online with any credit or bank card, making Rentd fast and convenient. Skip the certified bank checks and costs associated with buying a car. Rentd makes it simple.

No Maintenance

We maintain our fleet of cars with scheduled tire rotations and oil changes. If anything breaks on our car, it’s on us to fix. Car owners drastically underestimate what the cost of ownership really is. Get out from under that burden.

Unlimited mileage

Put the miles on our car, not yours. You never have to worry about a looming bill for breaks, engine work or any other surprises. With Rentd, you can return the car anytime so you don’t pay for what you’re not using.

Using your own car really adds up

Car owners rarely, if ever, plan ahead for maintenance costs or account for the expense of insurance. These costs add up, over time, and the more miles you add up the sooner those expenses arrive. One major maintenance event can wipe out a month’s work of profit from driving! You end up running a rideshare just to afford the car, which was not the plan. Rentd makes all these risks and hassles go away.

Renting = No Cash Down

When buying your own car you typically are required to put hundreds if not thousands down on the car. What’s worse, that money is now tied up in your car and not in your hands.

Renting requires no credit check

If you don’t have good credit, then you are required to pay much more for your own car. With Rentd, everyone pays a flat fee with no credit check.  

Renting = Zero Maintenance Cost

If something happens to your own car, then you have to pay for the unexpected repair. One incident can wipe out all your hard work that month.

Miles cost you money

Using your own car for your job puts a lot of extra mileage on your car. Cars with high mileage never get what they’re worth when you try to sell it.

Referral Program

Through our referral program you could get your rental paid for or even use it as a way to earn extra cash. Refer a friend, get money it’s that simple.

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